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What is the story behind Dragon Boat Festival?
Jun 10, 2024

Today is Dragon Boat Festival. Timay company hope you have a happy day.

The Dragon Boat Festival is associated with the story of Qu Yuan.

Qu Yuan was a patriotic poet and minister in ancient China. He cared deeply about his country but was later slandered and exiled. Feeling despair and grief over the decline of his country, Qu Yuan finally threw himself into the Miluo River.

After his death, the local people, in order to prevent the fish from eating his body, threw zongzi (sticky rice dumplings) into the river and rowed dragon boats on the water, which gradually evolved into the traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival. This festival not only commemorates Qu Yuan but also carries forward the spirit of patriotism and the traditions of Chinese culture.

The characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival mainly include the following:
1. Eating zongzi: Zongzi is a traditional food of the festival, with various flavors and fillings.
2. Dragon boat racing: Exciting dragon boat races are held on rivers or lakes, showing teamwork and vitality.
3. Wearing sachets: People often wear sachets with various patterns and fillings for good luck and health.
4. Hanging mugwort and calamus: It is believed to have the functions of repelling evil spirits and insects.
5. Celebrating activities: There are various folk activities and performances to add to the festive atmosphere.

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