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  • Jun 08 , 2020

    What is Canned Lychee?

    Lychee is a kind of tropical fruit with strong natural fragrance and sweet taste. Lychee trees mostly found in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. However, the crop of Lychee only last for a month in June, and in order to guarantee a stable supply of a year, the fruits are peeled and seeds are removed when processing in tin can with syrup as canned Lychee, and last for 3 years. In or...
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  • Mar 02 , 2020

    Hoo Young Sugarcan Vinegar

    Hoo Young Sugarcane Vinegar in fruit flavors Hoo Young Sugarcane Vinegar, the natural vinegar beverage without blending. Our Sugarcane Vinegar drinks contains sugar, water,16 kinds of amino acid, 6 kinds of organic acid, 4 vitamins and 3 minerals, each 1000g sugarcane offer great nutritional value by contains 9mg ferrum, which is good for regular blood circulation of human, also helps on Detoxific...
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