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  • Mar 26 , 2024

    Preserving Perfection: Unveiling the Secrets of Canned Food's Nutritional Benefits and Beyond

    Canned food has long been a staple in many kitchens around the world, offering convenience and long shelf life. While some may have reservations about the nutritional value of canned products, there is more to these humble cans than meets the eye. In this blog post, we will delve into the nutritional benefits and unveil some of the secrets behind canned food. We will also explore the innovative ad...
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  • Jul 26 , 2023

    Is canned food healthy or not?

    The healthiness of canned food depends on various factors, including the type of food, its nutritional content, and the processing methods used in canning. Canned foods can be a convenient and practical option for many people. 1. Convenience: Canned foods are ready to eat and require little to no preparation, making them a time-saving option for busy individuals. 2.Long Shelf Life: Canned foods ha...
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  • Mar 17 , 2022

    Is babycorn a member of maize family?

    Some say the appearance of babycorn looks very similar to corn cob, are they actually the same thing? Well we would say its partly correct! Baby corn is a cereal grain taken from corn harvested early while stalks are still small and immature. Babycorn also consist of different nutirents such as zinc,iron and calcium. Its texture is crunchy and it can be steamed, stir fried or boiled in various spe...
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  • Sep 06 , 2021

    Some said canned food contains preservative. Huh?

    Does canned food contain any preservative? The answer is NEVER! The reason behind the long-lasting taste and freshness of canned food thanks to strict sterilization process before packing and selling on the markets, most of the canned food must be sterilized at a certain temperatures, from 99℃ to 127℃ for at least 10-21mins, depends on what product it is, some could be up to 69mins, all bactieria ...
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  • Jun 08 , 2020

    What is Canned Lychee?

    Lychee is a kind of tropical fruit with strong natural fragrance and sweet taste. Lychee trees mostly found in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. However, the crop of Lychee only last for a month in June, and in order to guarantee a stable supply of a year, the fruits are peeled and seeds are removed when processing in tin can with syrup as canned Lychee, and last for 3 years. In order t...
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  • Mar 02 , 2020

    Hoo Young Sugarcan Vinegar

    Hoo Young Sugarcane Vinegar in fruit flavors Hoo Young Sugarcane Vinegar, the natural vinegar beverage without blending. Our Sugarcane Vinegar drinks contains sugar, water,16 kinds of amino acid, 6 kinds of organic acid, 4 vitamins and 3 minerals, each 1000g sugarcane offer great nutritional value by contains 9mg ferrum, which is good for regular blood circulation of human, also helps on Detoxific...
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